Jet Bean is one of the main villains. He's an Asian bean and is a member of the Shadow Agency.


First Appearance:

Jet Bean is first seen sitting in an Asian looking restaurant. He is eating something resembling tofu. Part way through his meal he is called up by the Head of the Shadow Agency and asked to go to Bean Town. He is reluctant but goes anyway. Before he can leave the restaurant he is stopped by the owner who hands him the bill, which has the past months food on it. Jet Bean says he will pay when he gets back but the owner is having none of it. He calls out the chef and tells him that Jet Bean said 'your food tastes like ass crack.' The chef gets mad and runs at Jet Bean with a meat cleaver. Jet Bean easily beats him and throws the meat cleaver, which sticks the bill into the wall. The owner then says that he doesn't have to pay before he leaves.

Second Appearance:

Jet Bean's second appearance is right after Killer Bean kills Vagan/Dark Bean. He is shown walking from the docks into Bean Town while talking on his phone, probably to the Head of the Shadow Agency.

Third and Final Appearance:

Jet Bean shows up for his final appearance in style, fitting since this is the final climax. He has both of Killer Bean's guns and walks to Killer Bean's cell while hitting the bars with one of the guns. Once in front of the cell he kicks off the door and faces Killer Bean. Jet Bean initiates the fight and throws Killer Bean's guns at him.

Once their extremely climactic fight is finished Jet Bean states that Killer Bean will never defeat the Shadow Agency. Jet Bean then dies from his gunshot wound and Killer Bean leaves.



Jet Bean's appearances are limited and so the audience doesn't get to know him that well. He can be seen as very calm and loyal to the Shadow Agency. Not much else is known about him.